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About us

Intrinsically stylistic, conceptual and sophisticated reinterpretation of a “trade” inextricably linked to the serenity of our lake. 
A mélange between idea, matter and form, it is the lifeline in the art of textiles and fashion which we are passionate about and have been dreaming of for five generations.
A constant flow of ideas created by images and new stimuli, where the present, past and future are connected to each other in designing a new, ethical and sustainable horizon. 
The in-depth research of materials and fabrics come to light in the form of the new ideas and projects like our “CASHMERE FLAKES” outerwear collection; a true homage to our land and roots.

Listed internationally at best department stores and stockists.


Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italia, 155 - Tel. 0436-861211

Serravalle Scrivia - Tel. 0143-1975256


E-mail us for other locations


Head office :

Via Borgovico, 223 - 22100 Como - Italy

Tel: +39-031-579311

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